Meet Abbeyfield's newest resident!

Twiglet is our would be therapy dog in training. At only 12 weeks old, she's just finding her feet and settling in nicely.

Abbeyfield Brecon Society have a new resident who has joined us, our therapy dog-in-training, Twiglet the Cocker Spaniel. Here we find out more about Twiglet and how she has been settling in to life at our lovely home including one of her favourite things - lots of cuddles from our wonderful residents!

Follow us on her journey to becoming a fully-fledged therapy dog.

Twiglet enjoying a sleepy cuddle

Happy and content in our lovely resident's arms

Snuggling up with our residents

The benefits of pets for older people

Pets can make a huge difference to older people's lives. Research has found that pet owners are less likely to feel lonely, recover from illness faster and one study showed that even 15 minutes with an animal can increase serotonin and drop stress levels.

Improved social interaction

There are a number of benefits for owning a pet for older people including the perks of interacting and engaging with their pet which can help provide an older person with a sense of purpose by having something to care for, whilst also providing companionship. In sheltered housing pets can help spark conversations between residents, family, friends and staff.

Improving quality of life

Pets also create an opportunity for socialising and getting out in the fresh air, which in turn can increase confidence and self-esteem, whilst also reducing the risk of depression, anxiety and feelings of loneliness, which helps to improve quality of life.

Health benefits of owning a pet

Pets can help to increase mobility in older people and increase the amount of exercise that is required in caring for an animal, which can in turn help them to maintain a healthy weight. Looking after a pet has also been shown to lower blood pressure and help stimulate the mind and memory.

Sense of purpose

Having responsibility for an animal that an older person can feed, play and exercise with can provide a sense of purpose. Having a pet gives them an animal to keep them occupied and active. 

Having a routine

Pets help to have a routine in the day, knowing that there is an animal that needs their care can help to establish a list of things they need to do in order to look after their pet, which is beneficial for brain health.