Joan Preece reminisces on her move to Abbeyfield Brecon

One of our newest residents writes about her life before moving to Abbeyfield Brecon

I moved here to Abbeyfield House on Jan 2nd 2021 - the day I had my first COVID injection. At 94 years old and all my family grown up, I really didn't need four double bedrooms and two flights of stairs to cope with. 

Most of my family live here in Brecon, in a small village called LLangorse. Only two daughters live away, one in Kidderminster and one in France.

I was born in Pembroke Dock and this is my eleventh house move. I worked as a Civil Servant, first in the Post Office and then the Inland Revenue and had already moved a few times. Arthur my husband was also employed by the Inland Revenue. We lived in Wrexham when we first married and when he came home for lunch one day, he handed me a letter; I dreaded reading it. Most transfers then were to London and although he had been born there, a move to London was something neither of us wanted. Our luck was in and in December 1957 we moved to Brecon with our 21 month old son, first to a very nice flat, where subsequently our three daughters were born. Later a move to Free St in Brecon and now here to Abbeyfield.

I love my little flat on the ground floor, I have access from my back door to walk around the gardens outside and was able to bring my bird bath and bird feeder and I get lots of birds to watch. I have the best view I have ever had and my two rooms are warm and comfortable. The furniture I was able to bring to the flat is just what I need, especially my bookcase with about 400 books. I did have more but these are the ones I re-read.

Good meals, good company, caring staff- what more do I need - I hope I don't have to move for some time!